Tine Drefahl

Tine Drefahl * 1976 Jena, Germany * lives and works in Paris * member of the Atelier Bo Halbirk * 1996 - 2001 Bauhaus - University - Weimar * studies “visual communication” emphasis photography * 29.06.2001 diploma with Prof. Hermann Stamm and Dr. Olaf Weber * since 2004 freelance work as illustrator, designer, photographer

"Sometimes I carry pictures inside me - for weeks, even months - they mature until one day they will be born. Like little pieces of a mirror they reflect my memories of moods, certain incidents or from my childhood stories. I follow the path of my past and I am inspired by everything that happens around me - everything I see and smell, everything I taste and feel - all of which turns into memories. It's like I'm wandering around on a huge spiral staircase, opening doors here and there - discovering..." (tine drefahl 2005)